Breathing Out Stars

Joy is an act of resilience! Leslie Coff sources bits and pieces from different spiritual practices to try to inspire during this challenging time. Sometimes you just gotta listen to someone else trying to get through the day.

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The Underworld

Monday Aug 15, 2022

Monday Aug 15, 2022

Sure I knew what to expect. I’d been there before.  The lesson for me: fate will surprise you.

Peacocks & Resistance

Sunday Jul 03, 2022

Sunday Jul 03, 2022

it is said that prayer is the highest form of rebellion -- you are daring to ask for a different world.

Thursday Mar 10, 2022

A podcast is an art form – filled with heart and dreams and intellect and color and sound editing. And reality.   Things are pretty real right now.   It's not a time I feel like being funny.   This is a time to feel things.

Wednesday Feb 09, 2022

It’s not enough to just get COVID.  Let’s add fifty more limitations on top of that — or just feel like you have.   It’s just Whack-A-Mole.

Friday Feb 04, 2022

We may or may not have multiple cases of COVID in the house -- you decide for yourself how we are doing.

The skipper

Friday Jan 21, 2022

Friday Jan 21, 2022

With five percent visibility on the lake, they were trapped in a sudden storm.   Honestly it had come out of nowhere.    But the skipper….she prayed…

Saturday Jan 15, 2022

...."Faith is not even real, you might say"...but I am here to offer that Faith is like your abs or your quads or your biceps.  For it to work, you have to exercise it...

Sunday Jan 09, 2022

We are back in the ark and send out doves to check on the world.   The dove brings back myrtle & olive -- to remind us to see with our hearts -- and that magic can come from nothing.

The Tin Man & The Heart

Tuesday Dec 28, 2021

Tuesday Dec 28, 2021

When the Tin Man faints -- for real -- and he dares to feel.

Blue Grace

Saturday Dec 11, 2021

Saturday Dec 11, 2021

There is a special kind of grace that we all need right now.  A beautiful magic under stars and snow — when someone climbs out of their foxhole with their arms up in the air — singing.


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